Here you will find from time to time information about new presentations, publications and interesting projects with Dr Hans-Jörg Keller.

III Myers-Briggs Type Indicator — A valuable instrument of analysis for management and staff
This year I completed my MBTI training at the Myers-Briggs Foundation in Gainesville, Florida. As a certified practitioner, in future I will use the Myers-Briggs Type Indicators I and II, which build upon the concept of types of the psychologist, C.G. Jung, as an instrument for analysis in training and coaching.
In the development of managers: for self-reflection, for more self-aware dealings with team members, associates and superiors, and for developing teams.
In inter-cultural training: in order not to forget also the uniqueness of each human being in his or her cultural environment when analyzing group behaviour (cultures, countries, organizations); for sharpening awareness that the MBTI categories are lived differently in each cultural environment — extroverted and introverted behaviour, for instance, manifest themselves differently in the U.K. than they do in Brazil.
In coaching: for reflecting on the tension between one's own preferences, desires and needs and those of an organization and the environment; for sharpening the distinction between the natural ego (nature) and an ego adapted to its environment (nurture); as an instrument for analyzing careers, life-plans, management, decision-making, behaviour in conflict situations and communication.
In sales training: for more self-aware perception of how different types of customer take up information differently, analyze it, evaluate it, and make it a basis for decisions, and how advisers and salespersons can win or lose their customers in all phases of the sales process.
In order to analyze the benefits of MBTI also for staff development, I look forward to a personal conversation with you.

III Personal Profile Insights Discovery – gain a deep insight into yourself and others
I completed recently my Insights Discovery certification and will work with this system in leadership programs, team development, coaching and in my international sales training programs.
Insights Discovery has its roots in the work of Swiss psychologist Carl Jung and uses a simple and accessible four colour model to understand an individual’s unique preferences. It begins by helping you to uncover who you are and how you interact with others. The depth of insight provided means that Discovery can take you to places that you never expected. From one-to-one coaching to team development and improved sales and leadership skills, the possibilities are endless.
Every Discovery Personal Profile provides information on an individual’s strengths and weaknesses, communications style, and their value to a team. It offers solutions to work more effectively with others, to understand personal preferences, to assess individual and collective strengths, and to enhance crucial business skills.

III Collaboration with the Andrea Sebben Institute in Florianópolis, Brazil
The intercultural psychologist, Andrea Sebben, is one of the most competent and experienced international trainers in Brazil. In future, along with her team, she will collaborate closely with me in the areas of inter-cultural training, manager development and coaching. Together we want to offer German clients the option that their expatriates and managers in Latin America have a partner and adviser on location for supervising expatriates, for training and coaching them. In addition, Andrea Sebben and her team are preparing their staff in Latin America for collaboration with their German associates and for overseas stays in Europe. Andrea is already working for enterprises such as Volkswagen, Siemens, Bosch and Stihl. Her working languages are English, Portuguese, Spanish and Italian. We are looking forward to working together with you in the future also in Latin America.

III Film tip: Networked Leadership by
An excellent film with the title, Networked Leadership, has been produced by my associates, Susanne Lakoni and Michael Thiel from They show in five steps what is important:

  • The benefits of Networked Leadership
  • Challenges
  • Areas of shaping and forming, and navigating collaborations
  • Managers’ understanding in collaborative projects and competencies for collaboration
  • From the vision of collaboration to Networked Organization

The film provides impulses, answers basic questions, passes on experiences and provides initial orientation. At the core it is a matter of professionally guided collaboration across and beyond specialist disciplines, areas of responsibility, locations and the limits of organizations.
Networked Leadership encourages competencies in collaboration to be consistently further developed, to network with those of a like mind, thus creating future-oriented collaborations, associations and communities.
You will find more information, along with a trailer, on the Web-site You can also order the film there.

III Make the world a better place
Leadership matters. We support managers and their teams to contribute to the economic success of their organizations – the guarantee for our wealth, social peace, stable political conditions and long-term planning of our future.

However, leadership has an ethical dimension too. Our own prosperity is an obligation to assist the poorest people on our planet who suffer from war, poverty, flight, displacement or natural disaster. If we take the ideal of a peaceful and fair-minded world seriously, we should do everything to render possible to them living a decent life.

Our humble contributions to make the world a better place are donations for the organization ‘Médicines sans Frontières’ that provides humanitarian assistance in wars, during epidemics and after natural disasters.  Many teams are thereby risking their own life in dangerous countries such as Syria, Yemen or Afghanistan.

Support Doctors Without Borders

We support the continuous aid of the ‘German Red Cross’ that renders assistance to refugees, safeguards feeding, water and health in poor areas around the planet and instructs people to cope efficiently with the consequences of climate change.

In addition, we are currently supporting Godparenthoods for orphans and needy kids in Port-au-Prince on Haiti. With the help of our donations they will get a new home soon, will receive two meals per day and will have access to school and education. We try to bring back a little bit of hope for a better future to them. The program is organized by the ‚Missão Católica de Expressão Portuguesa de Colônia’. For more information, please contact Padre Marcos Ferreira Leite at

There are many opportunities to help the poorest people on our planet. Please support the work of humanitarian aid organizations.